European trailrun destinations.
Where to run, where to stay, how to travel.


Travel2Trail is your guide to trailrunning in Europe. I'm traveling a lot within Europe to find (and run) the best trails. What use is it not to share my knowlegde? I'm very enthusiastic about the places I visited.

What are the best places to go? Where to stay? Where to sleep? Where to eat? How to travel?

My reviews are mine and not influenced by any commercial party. I'm an independent writer. I try to be as honest as possible without offending people ;-) .


My name is Ingrid Achterberg-Kortekaas (1969). Founder of De Vrolijke Loper (the cheerfull runner): trailrunning & outdoorcoaching.

I'm a licensed runninginstructor, certified runningtherapist and outdoorcoach. But I'm also a very enthusiastic (ultra) trailrunner and I like to share my passion for trailrunning and traveling with you!

The longest trailrun I ever finished was the Indian Summer Ultra Trail in 2016: 101 kilometres. Currently I'm training for the E101 (Eiger Ultra Trail 101 km) in 2020. I accidently won a ticket in a Facebook contest. Well, beter to get ready then!

You might notice that English isn't my mothertongue. But hey, I hope you don't mind when I make some errors trying to write understandable English. Please share your feedback with me.